Art Deco In Residence: Looking at Architecture 2015 + Art Deco Collectors
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum of Art (東京都庭園美術館)
5-21-9, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0071, Japan

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Museum of Art presents the ‘Art Deco In Residence’ Exhibition as part of its seasonal public programme.
The exhibition is comprised of two sub-exhibitions: ‘Looking at Architecture 2015’ where the audience is invited to take a closer look at the museum building itself, and ‘Art Deco Collectors’, which showcases a variety of reputed Art Deco works accumulated by art collectors.

The ‘Looking at Architecture 2015’ Exhibition explores the former Prince Asaka residence itself, delving into its considerable charm as a cultural heritage site. Using the original furniture and fixtures designed especially to coordinate with the interior décor, we recreate the atmosphere of the building at the time of its completion. The exhibition also looks back at the various attempts to preserve and restore the building that have taken place to date. In this way, we delve into the building’s historical significance, which has led to its designation as an Important Cultural Property, and consider the question of passing on this legacy to successive generations.

The ‘Art Deco Collectors’ Exhibition held simultaneously introduces individual collectors with a particular interest in Art Deco. Through looking at precious items in their collections not usually exposed to the public eye, and hearing these experts’ personal impressions about the work, visitors are given the chance to discover a new side to Art Deco which remains as captivating today as ever.


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