In the Pink – Kara de Dios Villaseran
Galerie Stephanie
Parc Plaza Building, 183 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue C-5, Libis, Quezon City 1105, Philippines

The popular attribution of the color pink is to notions of femininity. In hospital maternity wards for instance, it is common for baby girls to be blanketed in pink. References to this color can thus become a vantage point to examine issues of femininity, feminism, and the female form.

It is fitting then that female artist Kara de Dios’ next exhibit is called “In the Pink.” “In the pink of health,” rises to the top of a more poetic mind, yet there’s that undeniable whiff of irreverence, followed by a wink and a nudge, that cannot be ignored in the strange, soupy world that this solo exhibition invites you into. This is, after all, the world of Kara de Dios’s boob-heads.

The softness of pink is given a razor-sharp edge by the fact of it also being the color of raw flesh and open wounds. “Where there’s a wound, there’s a subject,” wrote Roland Barthes in “A Lover’s Discourse.” Kara challenges viewers to see beauty in the ambiguous space between pretty and ugly, messy and clean. Beyond all of this, De Dios aims for work that is honest, that recognizes the body as more than a vessel for the brain.



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