The Morgenthaler continent. A family of artists and their circle of friends
Kunstmuseum Thun
Hofstettenstr. 14, 3600 Thun, Switzerland

The Morgenthaler family from the Canton of Bern lived in the early 20th century surrounded by a large network of relationships, where important artistic and intellectual currents of the time encountered and influenced each other. Personalities like Cuno Amiet, Paul Klee, Hermann Hesse, Robert Walser, Karl Geiser, Othmar Schoeck and Wolfgang Pauli were close friends of the family. The exhibition Der Kontinent Morgenthaler (The Morgenthaler continent) explores the web of relationships in the arts and sciences surrounding the painter Ernst, the artist and doll maker Sasha, the poet Hans, the psychiatrist Walter as well as the next generation members, architect Niklaus and the psychoanalyst Fritz Morgenthaler, by means of numerous exhibits and documents. In the exhibition, the artistic vision of the co-curator Pascal Barbe encounters the art historical approach and thus reflects the mutual enrichment of the then and now.

Image: Ernst Morgenthaler, Paradies-Triptychon, Mittelteil,1959, Tempera auf Leinwand, 200 x 200 cm, Nachlass Morgenthaler Thun, Foto: Christian Helmle



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